Danny Covey: Still Ticking


Danny says: I love being creative. My parents joked I was born with a pencil in my hand and, from a young age, I was drawing and entertaining anyone who would pay attention.
Despite having a good sense of humour, things haven’t always been easy. I’ve faced many battles throughout my life. I’ve undergone four open heart surgeries and a total of eight heart-related surgeries. I’ve nearly died on the operating table three times and was repeatedly told that I would never be able to physically excel. After much blood, sweat and tears, I’ve earned a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. This accomplishment came on the heels of having my descending aortic arch replaced in 2017 after it had ruptured. The fact that I am still alive and breathing after an aortic aneurysm is a miracle from God, and a story I am thankful to share with you today!

I do believe strongly that there is purpose to our suffering. What we face in not accidental. I want my story of how God brought me through dark times and difficult circumstances to become a part of someone else’s survival guide. Each and every day is a gift. Contact:dannycovey.comInstagram: @covetastic Youtube: http://youtu.be/i7k5Tsmaqd8  https://youtu.be/XPtRGLw5H0E

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Linda Ngo: U.S. Delegate and Media Producer


Welcome   back to The Challenges of Faith Radio Program. A brand new year.As you   sojourn thru 2023, Remember, Life is like a coin, You can spend it any   way you want to. But, you can only spend it once. So, spend it wisely!

Today….Linda, shares her sojourn of having no limits when it comes to her endeavors. Ngolimitproductions.com   (Company)

Linda Ngo (@NgoLimitInc) / Twitter 

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Author Kristi D. (Diane) Williams MSW, LSW : & CEO of KristiKollections LLC


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Chaplain Willie Springer, MAPT – Veteran Outreach Coordinator


Chaplain Springer needs no introduction, he has returned to Challenges of Faith to provide update on how God has been using him since his last visit here.
Chaplain Willie Springer heads the new Veterans Outreach Office in Berea Ohio. He is an Army combat veteran of Vietnam and has a master’s degree in theology. Ashland Theological Seminary also named Willie Springer, Ohio’s American Legion Chaplain of the Year.

In Chaplain Springer’s own words

I offer an open, sensitive, and non-judgmental presence. I am accepting of all different beliefs, cultures and values of all people. It is my goal to support every Veteran and their Families with as much compassion and care as possible. In this role, I will provide a supportive presence, listening, and appropriate interventions. The Veterans Outreach office will assist vets through educational outreach, support groups, emotional and spiritual assistance and community based programs. As a veteran myself, I understand and recognize the need for a safe, nurturing and community oriented approach for Veterans and Families.


Somer Dawn Burgess: Author of “HALO JUMPING”


What do you do? and Where do you turn, When a love one takes their life?

Somer Dawn Burgess is the Author of the book, “HALO JUMPING” and the Founder and former ED of True Blue Patriots Inc. 

What does the  Amazon book readers say about “HALO JUMPING”

A memoir about one couples life, unending love, and how PTSD caused from his military service, took a toll on their relationship and ultimately his life. The author writes, ” Men and women of United States Armed Forces provide the protection, comfort, and freedoms that have become synonymous with the right to call ourselves American citizens. It’s time to give back and take care of our greatest asset, the American soldier.” This really opens the eyes to what our service men and women have to endure. May God be with this author and her undying love for her husband and fellow military personnel.

A great reveal of the obstacles a family faces during a deployment. The media only wants us to see smiling faces on our brave soldiers, we never get to see the true grit. I read this book in one setting, something I seldom do. This was a very good read !! Will tell my friends.It’s an honor to be able to read your personal journey through the most difficult times one can experience. I love that you share the personable, caring and loving person your husband was so others can see why you were so in love with him too. Your honesty and meticulous documentation efforts are to be respected as well. Thank you again for sharing!

E:mail-truebluepatriotsinfo@gmail.com   Twitter: somerdawn

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Maranda Forney: Grammy Consideration, Singer and Gospel Songwriter..



My name is M A R A N D A and I am a Christian Singer/Songwriter.  I love God, my family and music.  I am married to my husband Michael of 31 years and we have 8 children (Charm – 32, Tatianna – 30, Michael – 28, Timothy, 26, Benjamin – 21, Joseph – 19, Amirah – 18 and Johanna – 17).  

I have written countless songs, released  (5) albums, (3) singles  and (12) music videos.   Recently I had the privilege  to record in Nashville at the historic Ocean Way Nashville studios in Studio A with the Nashville String Machine and David Wise Choir.

I have a Masters with Honors in Information Systems Management and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  I own a Cyber Security Professional Services company and I have traveled domestically and internationally as a result.

I am very analytical and methodical in nature.  Yet I am personable and humble.  There is a lot to know about me so take a look and drop a line…I would love to hear from you! Available on all digital platforms including but not limited to:



Kenny and Gary Interviewing Patricia Haley-Glass: National Award- winning Author


Dedicated to the memory of Co-Host Kenny Lowe

Patricia Haley-Glass, is an award winning national bestselling author. (13 books)  She earned the title of “trailblazer” after achieving remarkable success with her debut faith-based novel in 1998. The self-published novel, Nobody’s Perfect, sold nearly 20,000 copies in an industry where selling 5,000 copies at the time was highly regarded. The novel was first of its kind to repeatedly make numerous national best sellers list, including #1 on the Essence list. Her next book, No Regrets, tackled the marital, personal, and financial impact breast cancer has on a family. It was popular among readers and followed Nobody’s Perfect onto the best seller’s list.

With both a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and a B.S. in Management, Science & Engineering degree from Stanford Univ. coupled with an M.B.A. that focused on finance and marketing from the Univ. of Chicago, readers are often surprised to hear that Patricia is writing novels, given her technical and business background.

Patricia’s literary mission is evident in her books: create entertaining, ‘clean’ stories that tackle real issues and affirms the power of forgiveness while leaving readers with a message of hope, no matter what the circumstance

Website: www.patriciahaley.comEmail: phg@patriciahaley.com or pop@anointedvision.com

Facebook: Patricia Haley-Glass or at fan of Author Patricia Haley


Ashley Sears: Founder of Stories Unveiled


Our Guest today is Ashley Sears, The Founder of  Stories Unveiled. Ashley is passionate about helping women find freedom through their stories. The question is, How did Ashley arrive at her passion?. Ashley along with her husband Asher, shared their individual and personal stories to Christian Living magazine with Sandy Jones. Personal stories that impact all of our lives, in one way or another. Ashley will share  how and why God brought her to form “Stories Unveiled”. Ashley will also share the organizations aims, goals, conferences, podcast and more.

Ashley’s contact:info storiesunveiled@outlook.com storiesunveiledconference.com

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Romona Robinson:8x Emmy award winning anchor, author, speaker & brand influencer: Part 3 of 3


About the Author

Romona Robinson is an eight time Emmy award winning anchor, speaker and author of A Dirt Road to Somewhere, Your Voice is Your Power, and her brand new book–“Poor Girl Rich Life”..

She is one of the most respected and admired journalists in northeast Ohio and was inducted into the Press Club of Cleveland’s Journalism Hall of Fame in 2016. She is winner of the prestigious Edward R Murrow Award along with her station, WOIO-TV 19, where she served as primary anchor. She received the 2017 Alpha Woman Award, given to women who exemplify power in their field and uses it to empower women.

Her tireless work in the community with children, women and diversity issues, has earned her many prestigious awards. The YWCA’s Women of Achievement, The Diversity in Media Award and many more. For 20 years, she has served as Honorary Chair of the Komen Race for the Cure. She’s most proud of creating Romona’s Kids in 1990, a program to highlight and encourage children to realize their full potential.

​​With over 30 years of broadcast and speaking experience, Romona has also traveled the country covering and interviewing presidents and world leaders. In 2011, she garnered an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama. Romona has gained the trust of viewers for her integrity and unbiased reporting and is known and loved throughout northeast Ohio for her community service and powerful and very real message as a motivational speaker..

Romona earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Broadcast Journalism from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Visit her website @ http://romonarobinson.com FaceBook: http://facebook.com/RomonaRobinson19/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/romonarobinson

Amazon: http://amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=romona+robinson+


Dr.Mark M. McNear:Author of Finding My Words: A Ruthless Commitment to Healing


Dr. Mark McNear is the Author of  2 Books: Finding My Words: A Ruthless Commitment to Healing and Trauma. He is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in adult, adolescent and child psychotherapy. He maintains a private practice in Roxbury, New Jersey, which is located in Morris County.

Dr. McNear has over thirty years of experience. He is a graduate of Northeastern Bible College, New York University, and Oxford Graduate School. He is trained in a variety of counseling techniques EMDR, trauma, Psychopharmacology for the non-medical clinician and anger management.

Among his experiences are work and training at Jersey Battered Women’s Service, The Children’s Institute, and Greystone State Psychiatric Hospital. He has been a professor in the psychology departments of both Northeastern Bible College and Morris County College. He has done forensic work for the family division of Morris and Sussex County courts.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. McNear has been a speaker to general audiences addressing topics such as anger management, domestic violence, ADHD, parenting, and much more. He has been a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, written for magazines, and been a co-host panelist in several psychological videos.

Mark’s books can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and where ever books are sold:

This New Book is Touching the Hearts and Minds of Americans Across the Nation..says -Josh McDowell

Contact Dr.. Mark M.McNear @  (973) 770-2659 E-mail: info@markmcnear.com Interview: .christianpost.com/voices/is-there-grace-after-salvation.html