Diara Kendrich: Author, Speaker, and Personal Development Coach


Diara Kendrich is an Author, Speaker, and Personal Development Coach.  Diara is also The “Employee Engagement Manager” @ Delta Airlines. Diara  has a work background which includes Sales, Management, Consulting,  Coaching, and Customer Service. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and  earned her Master’s of Science in Psychology, specializing in  Industrial/Organizational Psychology, from Capella University in 2012.  She has authored four books, three relating to the workplace titled,  “Put A Down Payment on Your Career”, “Who FARTED in the Boardroom?!: How  to Outscore Conflict in the Workplace” and “Your Customer Service  Selfie”. She has combined her work experience and educational background  to help employees take control of common conflict issues in the  workplace. Diara has the ability to identify key issues in the workplace  by staying up to date on the most cost-effective and long-term  solutions for conflict resolution. She is committed to providing  innovative techniques and methods that are best for increasing job  satisfaction, keeping employees engaged, improving productivity levels,  and creating a happier work environment.