Danny Covey: Still Ticking


Danny says: I love being creative. My parents joked I was born with a pencil in my hand and, from a young age, I was drawing and entertaining anyone who would pay attention.
Despite having a good sense of humour, things haven’t always been easy. I’ve faced many battles throughout my life. I’ve undergone four open heart surgeries and a total of eight heart-related surgeries. I’ve nearly died on the operating table three times and was repeatedly told that I would never be able to physically excel. After much blood, sweat and tears, I’ve earned a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. This accomplishment came on the heels of having my descending aortic arch replaced in 2017 after it had ruptured. The fact that I am still alive and breathing after an aortic aneurysm is a miracle from God, and a story I am thankful to share with you today!

I do believe strongly that there is purpose to our suffering. What we face in not accidental. I want my story of how God brought me through dark times and difficult circumstances to become a part of someone else’s survival guide. Each and every day is a gift. Contact:dannycovey.comInstagram: @covetastic Youtube: http://youtu.be/i7k5Tsmaqd8  https://youtu.be/XPtRGLw5H0E

COFRP Interviews:https://en.padverb.com/COFRP


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