Dr.Mark M. McNear:Author of Finding My Words: A Ruthless Commitment to Healing


Dr. Mark McNear is the Author of  2 Books: Finding My Words: A Ruthless Commitment to Healing and Trauma. He is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in adult, adolescent and child psychotherapy. He maintains a private practice in Roxbury, New Jersey, which is located in Morris County.

Dr. McNear has over thirty years of experience. He is a graduate of Northeastern Bible College, New York University, and Oxford Graduate School. He is trained in a variety of counseling techniques EMDR, trauma, Psychopharmacology for the non-medical clinician and anger management.

Among his experiences are work and training at Jersey Battered Women’s Service, The Children’s Institute, and Greystone State Psychiatric Hospital. He has been a professor in the psychology departments of both Northeastern Bible College and Morris County College. He has done forensic work for the family division of Morris and Sussex County courts.

In addition to his private practice, Dr. McNear has been a speaker to general audiences addressing topics such as anger management, domestic violence, ADHD, parenting, and much more. He has been a frequent guest on nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, written for magazines, and been a co-host panelist in several psychological videos.

Mark’s books can be purchased from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and where ever books are sold:

This New Book is Touching the Hearts and Minds of Americans Across the Nation..says -Josh McDowell

Contact Dr.. Mark M.McNear @  (973) 770-2659 E-mail: info@markmcnear.com Interview: .christianpost.com/voices/is-there-grace-after-salvation.html



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