‘Lizalyn Smith: NASA Modern Figure’


Let’s meet Lizalyn Smith Author, Community Leader and Aerospace Engineer. How does growing up in Detroit, and playing with Legos and Erector sets, lead to becoming a NASA Aerospace Engineer? What led Lizalyn to begin helping the at-risk youth?  Why has Lizalyn continuously paid forward by helping the helpless, hopeless, and hurting persons…Why? What was the driving motivation for Lizalyn to pen her books? What role has God played in Lizalyn’s sojourn?

Join us as we walk along with Lizalyn…as she takes us thru..her humble but yet powerful sojourn…leading to being a inspirational agent of change for  “all walks of life”!

Lizalyn Smith: https://lizalynsmith.com Twitter: @calcyoursavings Youtube; https://youtu.be/3DjWsQRoZ2g

COFRP Interviews https://en.padverb.com/COFRP 

COFRP listed  (2021-23) as one of the Top 100 Christian Podcast http://blog.feedspot.com/christian_podcasts/


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