Somer Dawn Burgess: Author of “HALO JUMPING”


What do you do? and Where do you turn, When a love one takes their life?

Somer Dawn Burgess is the Author of the book, “HALO JUMPING” and the Founder and former ED of True Blue Patriots Inc. 

What does the  Amazon book readers say about “HALO JUMPING”

A memoir about one couples life, unending love, and how PTSD caused from his military service, took a toll on their relationship and ultimately his life. The author writes, ” Men and women of United States Armed Forces provide the protection, comfort, and freedoms that have become synonymous with the right to call ourselves American citizens. It’s time to give back and take care of our greatest asset, the American soldier.” This really opens the eyes to what our service men and women have to endure. May God be with this author and her undying love for her husband and fellow military personnel.

A great reveal of the obstacles a family faces during a deployment. The media only wants us to see smiling faces on our brave soldiers, we never get to see the true grit. I read this book in one setting, something I seldom do. This was a very good read !! Will tell my friends.It’s an honor to be able to read your personal journey through the most difficult times one can experience. I love that you share the personable, caring and loving person your husband was so others can see why you were so in love with him too. Your honesty and meticulous documentation efforts are to be respected as well. Thank you again for sharing!   Twitter: somerdawn

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